How to make an attractive and informative member outreach piece

by Nehal Saleh, Langley Club Leader

Mailchimp is a great resource to keep track of email contacts and send newsletters. It allows you to easily upload contacts to your email list and track the percentage of subscribers who opened your email. It also allows you to create templates for a newsletter, making each update a breeze. Once you have designed the newsletter. Here are some tips to help you communicate more effectively with your audience:

Keep it brief and simple. It’s important to communicate the important information first. Use paragraphs to highlight different information you want to them to read.

Keep it engaging. Highlight past events or previous versions of the event. Photos are great.

Add links to social media. If you have a Facebook group or page, make sure to add links to it in your outreach piece.

Save some time, automate your registration process. This is a great way to make the monthly admin take less time! I use Jotform. It gives you upto 5 concurrent forms for free. So all you have to do is delete them when the event is finished so you stay below the free limit. You decide what information people should enter by designing the template for your form. Like Mailchimp, it’s a click and drop format, so it’s very easy to use. Once you have all your registered attendees you can easily download the form to excel. This makes it easy to track registrations for each Explorer Day and, if you are super organised, pre-filling the informed consent form.