University Hill Elementary

Volunteer Leaders:  HsingChi Von Bergmann, Connie Chen and Nancy Brown

University Hill Elementary (UHE) School is located in the middle of Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver – a natural playground for our students and community. It offers us all the opportunity to be aware of, appreciate, and connect with the natural beauty that surrounds our school. To this end, the UHE NatureKids Club has been established to offer students from Grade Kindergarten to 7 direct, hands-on, self directed Citizen Science type activities that explore our own school yard. 

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Nature Mentor, Dr. Grimm (UBC Earth/Life Sciences) taught club members how to observe like a scientist

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Past Programs

Monday September 28th, 2015
Nature as our Teacher! A Celebration of Confucius Birthday.
To Kickstart the University Hill NatureKids this fall, we will begin the day with a walk in the Pacific Spirit and find ourselves ended up at a room that we can learn about Nature Sketch or photography. We will trace our footprint back to the Pacific Spirit trail to apply our new skills.

Apr. 23, 2014
UBC Farm
Seeds and Sprouts and Germi -Nation!
Take a close look at seeds from the inside out! Observe and learn
about how seeds grow. And become a member of our science team to report
seed germination results to the UBC Farm.

Apr. 30
Our Earth Rocks!
Examine the rocks, minerals and fossils that make up our Earth –
close up! Using your own magnifying glass, learn to observe rocks the
way a Geologist does.

May 7
Pacific Spirit Regional Park
Plant Yourself Here
Stop and take a closer look at plants that grow in Pacific Spirit
Regional Park. You will learn their names, how to identify them and some
interesting facts. Share your knowledge by creating Phylo cards.

May 14
Pacific Spirit Park
Flying Wild
Our Pacific Spirit Park Naturalists will walk with us through the
forest’s gallery to study flying creatures soaring up high, waddling
around the ponds, and perching and singing in the trees.

May 21
Seeing Bugs in a New Way
How do you think tiny insects survive? Take a closer look under the
microscope at some interesting bugs that you might find in the school
yard and find out some of their secrets.

May 28
Spanish Banks
Seashore Sleuths
Come discover the creatures of the beach that lurk beneath the waves
and crawl in the sand. Consider the majestic beauty, strength and
endurance of the rocks and seashells that you find along the Spanish
Banks shoreline.

At the end of the program each child will be eligible for a UHE
Citizen Scientist Certificate of Achievement. This is the first step
along the way to achieving the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Action Awards of
the NatureKids Clubs of BC.

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