The Great Backyard Bird Count this weekend Feb.14-17,2014

Help the birds by taking part
in Great Backyard Bird Count for Kids.
How: It is very easy- just watch and count birds in your yard, a nearby park, or maybe at your school. Report what you see by entering it online. 
Why: by counting birds across North America and all at the same time we can learn what kins of bird are being sen in the winter and whether there are more or fewer than before.
For puzzles, colouring sheets, online bird games and guide head to
When you have done your count:
  • send and email to with I COUNTED in the subject line.  
  • tell us your name, your club; 
  • the day you counted; 
  • and – if you remember – (1) how many species you saw and
    (2) which was your ‘bird of the day’ (most interesting bird).

Each member who participates will be sent a special
“I count’ button so that everyone will know you took part.         
you can also use your YNC Backyard Birding ID Cards to help you identify the birds
you see.

If you do not have one, you can order them
here.  Now available in 4 languages
including Chinese, Punjabi, Korean and English!

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