Table Top Displays for Promotional Events

by Kim Blais, Club Co-Leader, Ridge Meadows

Our club was recently invited to attend the Bees & Blueberry Festival at Honeyland in Pitt Meadows, August 18-19th, 2018. Myself and my 3 kids put together a booth to introduce our club and the vision we share as part of NatureKids BC.

Photo credit: Kim Blais

In preparation for the booth, my 10 year and I went for a hike on a trail and gathered 20 plant samples that we knew were commonly seen around Pitt Meadows. We also brainstormed birds that we often spotted in Pitt Meadows and gathered photos of 13 birds. I created two ID challenges using names of each and used treasures my children collected on trails and the beach (rocks & seashells) and used them as markers. With these, I had hoped that this would draw festival attendees to my NatureKids booth. Well it did! The challenges were a draw and enjoyed by all ages – and were a great conversation piece. Some even went away with some additional knowledge about nature.