The Big Book of Nature Activities

The fact that the average North American child can identify over 300 corporate logos but only 10 native plants or animals indicates that kids just aren’t spending enough time outdoors, hiking on trails, catching bugs and climbing trees, compared to the time they spend indoors watching commercials on screens or walking through malls.

We recently picked up a great book that we can’t recommend enough; it is packed with information, activities, games and tips on how to understand and engage with the natural world.

The Big Book of Nature Activities (384 pages, New Society Publishers, 2016) is a comprehensive guide for parents and educators to help youth of all ages explore, appreciate and connect with the natural world. It is written by outdoor education expert Jacob Rodenburg and award-winning environmental advocate and teacher Drew Monkman.

It features nature based skills and activities such as species identification, photography, journaling, and how to lead a nature walk or hike. It also looks at ideas, games and activities that are tied in with what’s happening in nature each season.

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