Pollinator Explorer Day in Coquitlam. Image credit: NatureKids BC

Stewardship refers to taking care of the natural areas around us, like local parks, beaches, forests or our own backyards. NatureKids BC engages its participants in stewardship initiatives. Not only does stewardship ensure the existence of our wild spaces, but it is also a fantastic way to learn about and connect with the natural world.

Our Nature Clubs are encouraged to spend at least one Explorer Day a year on activities that improve or enhance habitat. Through partnerships and funders, we often have small grants available for our Nature Clubs for tools, equipment and other materials. Contact us at to learn how you can host your own stewardship event and about possible grants for your community.

Here are a few examples of environmental stewardship!

1) Removal of Invasive Species:

  • Our Victoria Nature Club worked with Friends of Uplands Park in Oak Bay to remove patches of invasive ivy and restore natural habitat. 
  • Our Delta Home Learners club spends several days throughout the year pulling up the invasive scotch broom at Boundary Bay Park. Tools, training and safety gear were provided by the Boundary Bay Park Association.

2) Planting of Native Species:

3) Restoration and Construction Projects: