South Okanagan

Welcome NatureKids Club of the South Okanagan!  

Volunteer Co-leaders: Alyson, Paula, Janelle & Kyle
Club email:

Our club usually meets monthly with a
focus of exploring nature throughout the South Okanagan
. Please revisit this page as there will sometimes be exceptions!  The South Okanagan Young Naturalists focus on activities for 5-10 year
olds, though the whole family is welcome to join us!  

Meet your volunteer leaders:

Hi everyone! My name is Alyson and I am mom to two young
children who love to explore.  Outside of Nature Kids, I am an environmental consultant and executive director of Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship, assisting local stewards and communities to enhance and conserve precious wildlife habitats. My passions are encouraging citizen science and providing opportunities for children and youth to experience nature and are the reasons why I wanted to start a Young Naturalists’ Club in the South Okanagan and became a Nature Kids volunteer.

My name is Paula and I have an adventurous little daughter. Playing and exploring in nature is something that we love to do. We were looking for other young families to join us and decided what better way tan working with Alyson to organize a local Young Naturalists’ Club chapter. My love for nature has lead me to study ecology, fish and wildlife technology, gardening, birding, native plants, astronomy, nature interpretation and so much more. We hope others will join us on many wonderful journeys through nature.

Hi there! My name is Janelle. I was born and raised in the Okanagan and I think this is the best place in the world to live! We have a fascinating natural history here and so many interesting plants and animals to discover. I enjoy sharing nature experiences with my son and with the NatureKids families. My background is in ecological restoration and environmental education. When I am not out hiking or biking, I put on a bee suit and head to the beeyard with my husband. We are beekeepers with a family owned and operated apiary here in the south Okanagan.

Upcoming Explorer Days

Feb. 26 –Snow Day
Time: 4:00pm to 7:00pm
Location: Garnet Fire Interpretive Site. Address is 2301 Beaver Dell Rd. 

Let’s have an evening get together at the Garnet Fire Interpretive Site. We will learn all about fire – “wild” fire and “tame” fire, the importance of fire in nature and the nature of light during our winter season! Then we are going to have a campfire for roasting hot dogs and to warm up. When it is dark enough, we will go on a night walk with headlamps. Please RSVP by email!

What to bring: Be prepared for the weather, bring layers of warm clothes and good winter boots. Headlamp or flashlight for night walk. Hot dogs, smokies or hot dogs for the campfire. Camping chairs. Optional items: Extra firewood if you have some. Astronomy gear (telescopes, astronomy books – if the night is clear)

Directions: From Penticton Hospital. Drive 6.2 Km up Carmi Road. Turn right onto Beaverdell Road. Drive 2.3km to parking lot on the right.

March –Happy Spring Break.  No Explorer Day. 
April 9- Spring Buttercup Hike.

April 30 – Snakes

Past Explorer Days
January 29th 
Ice Safety/Ice Fishing
Yellow Lake on Hwy 3a.  
Meet at the parking lot at the Twin Lakes/Penticton end. 

Ice Safety with possibly a chance to ice fish. Bring a lunch for afterwards if it is not too cold out.Dress in layers for the cold. Wear thick winter boots to keep feet warm. Avoid cotton clothing as it gets wet and cold fast.

I’m going to brave up and get in the water, if I can break some ice. Show what to do if you end up through the ice. If ice is too thick then I will demo while on top of the ice. Let the kids throw my throw bags. 

December 29th. [Cancelled – Sorry!]Winter Solstice Celebration – Winter walk and campfire
Garnet Fire Interpretive Centre Trial head on Carmi Rd/Beaverdell Road.
11am – 2pm

Sunday, November 27
Burrowing Owls

October 30th, 2016

September 18 – Tree Planting at Riverside Marsh

August 28: Exploring Shoreline Ecosytems @ Sunoka Beach

June 26th
Flowers and Skunks!
Sunday, May 29

Slimy Salamanders and Toad-ally Awesome Toads with Natasha Lukey

Sunday, April 24 
Exploring Birds with 11-year old author, Jordyn Emshay

Sunday, April 3rd
Signs of Spring @ Garnet Fire Interpretive Centre

Saturday February 27
Penticton Museum Natural History guided tour.  

Sunday January 31st, 2016
Snow Day @ Nickelplate Nordic, Apex Mtn

November 29 – Hug a Tree Adventure Program
October – Getting Batty at Garnet Fire Interpretive Site

Sept. 27th – Wild Carnivores of the Okanagan 
Sunday, August 30, 2015 – Penticton Creek Restoration & Salmon

Saturday, May 31, 2015- Pond Study
Saturday, April 26, 2015- Earth Day Planting
Saturday, March 29, 2015- Birds in Spring with Dick Cannings

Thursday, February 22, 2015- Winter Survival & Tobogganing
Saturday, March 30, 2013- Signs of Spring Nature walk.   
Saturday, April 27, 2013- Bees & Snakes

Thank you to the South Okanagan Naturalists’ Club, our volunteer nature mentors and Margaret Jackson for their generous support of our Club!

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