Promoting your Club: Lessons from Prince George

by Natasha Ewing, Club Co-Leader, Prince George

For the last three years the Prince George Nature Kids Club sat dormant. This past spring, we began to revitalized the club and share this awesome opportunity with families in our community. We were not totally sure how many kids to expect at our first few Explorer Days, nor what the general interest would be…but after just a handful of events we are well on our way to becoming a monthly highlight and have gained several new members! Below, I have shared a few promotion tips and tricks to try!

  1. Create a local Nature Kids Facebook Page – Creating a Facebook page is a great way to begin building your community and connecting with interested families.
    • Share upcoming events – invite key families and ask they share with friends.
    • Post highlights after your Explorer Days – the last post we made after a Search and Rescue themed event was shared 14 times and reached nearly 4,000 people!
    • Tagging your Nature Mentor is a great to say thanks and also connects families with the broader community.
    • Share other interesting, relevant and kid friendly posts
    • Last, but not least, take some time and “like” all the like-minded organizations in your community, from daycares to museums, where there are keen and adventure-seeking kids waiting to learn about Nature Kids.
  2. Posters – Nature Kids has provided us with beautiful posters – use them! Drop them off at book stores, libraries, rec centres, and PAC Committees. We have added a quick personalization to ours by writing in our Facebook page name so local families can find us easier.
  3. Canada’s Favourite Radio – Prior to events promotion is key. Many radio stations, including CBC, will post short community event snippets for free. Call your local radio station and share your 10 second soundbite about your next upcoming event.
  4. Local Newspaper – Newspapers are always searching for fun, relevant and engaging content…and your Nature Kids club likely has the perfect story! Some newspapers may come to you, but if they haven’t, go to them and pitch a story. Ask a reporter to come out to your next awesome event or follow up afterwards with some great photos and quotes.
  5. Community calendars – Need more places to promote your next event, try your community events calendar. These are often run through the municipality or visitors’ centre and are free and easy to use!
  6. Talk about NatureKids – nothing promotes better than you! Share your love and passion for Nature Kids where ever you go… there are potential Nature Mentors and interested families everywhere. Chat with the bee keeper at the market, the artist at the gallery opening, or the environmental student at the fish hatchery.