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Andrea Gosling

Having been raised in BC and grown a strong passion for the outdoors, Andrea Gosling joined Arc’teryx Equipment 4 years ago. She leads their global digital marketing team and has deep roots in customer relationship marketing. She is creative and knowledgeable with extensive experience in developing data-driven marketing campaigns and strategies, successfully managing marketing teams and monitoring performance. When she isn’t working, you’ll find Andrea getting lost in the woods, playing beach volleyball or trying new recipes!

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Rosalyn Chan

Rosalyn is a corporate lawyer at MEP Business Counsel in downtown Vancouver. As an avid traveler and recreational scuba diver, she has spent a lot of time outdoors and underwater in different places around our breathtaking planet. However, it’s hard to find anything close to the beauty in our own backyard in beautiful British Columbia. Rosalyn is excited to support NatureKids BC’s mission to get kids outside and immersed in nature.

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Stephane Bowen

After making a move from the non-profit sector into the corporate world, Stephane hasn’t lost his passion for education and the environment. With a diverse background in business, technology, coaching, geographic sciences and environmental policy, Stephane is excited to support NatureKids BC to get kids outside and educate them on the beautiful outdoor spaces in our province. Lover of all things active and outdoors, when he’s not at the local hockey rink or community center you can surely find him out on the trails or patrolling a body of water in his kayak!

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Jenni Stol

Alex Grant

Kathy MacKenzie

Kathy grew up canoe tripping through Algonquin Park and now lives at the mouth of Lynn Valley Headwaters with her family. She is a seasoned fundraiser who has spent her career supporting the performing arts. She is eager to help NatureKids BC get more families outside and learn how to protect the incredible beauty of British Columbia.

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Daphne Solecki

Daphne Solecki is a past president, Nature Vancouver; past president, BC Nature; co-founder and past president of NatureKids BC (previously the Young Naturalists’ Club of BC).  She is the recipient of the Government of BC Arbor Vitae Environmental Award, the BC Achievement Award, and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal. Currently - Honorary President of NatureKids BC, director, and editor of NatureWILD. “I ‘discovered’ nature only in my 50’s. I have been running full tilt ever since to catch up on what I have missed and to help others to discover their passion for loving, understanding, and conserving nature.”    

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Leslie Bol

Leslie Bol has never lost her child-like wonder at the experience of being outdoors and making discoveries in nature. As a child of the 1970's she used to bike alone down to the local park along the Thames River in London, Ontario and walk out along downed logs to discover what was living in the floodplain wetlands. These early days of freedom and exploration eventually led to a career as a wildlife biologist. She did her MSc research in the ponds and lake of Mont St. Hilaire in Quebec and still gets to do field work from time to time including surveys for frogs. She has really enjoyed being a co-leader of the Vancouver NatureKids club since September ...

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