Sarah spent most of her childhood playing outdoors – biking around the neighbourhood, building tree forts, finding secret swimming spots, and skating on frozen lakes in the winter. She has a passion for nature, and loves the joy and curiosity that can come from being engaged in hands-on learning in outdoor settings. Most of her career has been spent in formal and informal educational settings, including elementary, secondary and post-secondary classrooms, as well as non-profit organizations. She has experience in experiential programming, facilitation, and non-profit administration and leadership with several organizations, including the UBC Faculty of Education, Networks of Inquiry and Indigenous Education, and the Vancouver Aquarium. She is excited to be working with the NatureKids BC team, helping children and their families develop love and care for our natural world.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology and Master of Arts in Cultural Studies from McMaster University, and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto. In her spare time, she enjoys trail runs with her dog, Maya, and fun activities in all types of water – rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans.