Hi! I’m Rob Pritchard and I am an avid outdoorsman, father, trail runner and a modern sustainability enthusiast. I grew up climbing trees and playing outside, and now, a mere 25 years later, it seems so many kids will live their entire childhoods without ever climbing a tree. I think this is not right. Kids need to get outside more and learn to love our natural surroundings. I hope to help NaturekidsBC bring children back outside and to grow up learning about, appreciating and respecting all that our natural environments have to offer.

My 6 year old son Terek and I have been backcountry camping together since he was 3 and a half. And Terek is actually the reason I chose to volunteer for NaturekidsBC. For his 6th birthday I asked him if he wanted to ask people to donate their birthday gift money to a charity rather than stocking up on more things he’ll only play with twice. He liked the idea and helped me choose NaturekidsBC. After attending a couple of NaturekidsBC’s Explorer days, meeting the passionate volunteers and learning more about the charity’s cause, I was thrilled to join as a volunteer when the opportunity was offered.