Kim grew up on a rural acreage next to a mountain range on Vancouver Island in the temperate rain forest. She was fortunate to participate in many outdoor daily activities which could include fishing, dirt biking, and horseback riding. Participating in the operations of running a family hobby farm exposed her to the care and skill required for the upkeep of chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, cats and a horse including maintenance of forage and hay crops, flower and vegetable gardens and fruit tree propagation. Having nature as her playground as a child, exposed her to the native plants and animals in her backyard forests, swamp and ponds. Kim pursued further education and completed a masters in hydrological processes with particular focus on wetlands and organic soils. She was fortunate to do wetland research in the Northwest Territories, in areas of permafrost. After having her three children she saw the importance of exposing and educating them on the natural environment because of how much it was a positive part of her childhood and how it directed her career path. With her family, they have 2 vegetable gardens, which the children assist in the preparation of the soil including learning the benefits of composting, decomposition and invertebrates; preparation and addition of organic fertilizer; planting; upkeep of the plants; harvesting and preservation. They enjoy nature hikes during the day and at night and plant, animal, rock and mineral identification along the way. She enjoys devoting her time towards helping children learn more about scientific concepts and appreciation for the natural environment.