Our Evolution

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the decade since the YNC was established, in 2000, the society has evolved from
a program of Nature Vancouver (formerly the Vancouver Natural History Society)
into a federally registered charity (BC Society # – S.50849,
Charitable Registration # – 84961 1926 RR0001) with its  own constitution, board, staff, an
extensive province-wide member and volunteer-base, and a suite of programs
aimed at 5-14 year olds.  These
programs include Nature Clubs for both Families and Nature Clubs for Schools
and are supported by the award-winning quarterly magazine NatureWild,
year-round local Explorer Days, Action Awards and online resources such as the Virtual Clubhouse. The YNC is affiliated with BC Nature
(the Federation of BC Naturalists) and is committed to supporting the
objectives of BC Nature.
achievements have been recognised by a series of provincial and national awards
to co-founder and President, Daphne Solecki.  The future holds opportunities
for YNC, along with challenges and risks, particularly in the areas of
finances, which require the organization to adapt and innovate so that it
effectively builds
on its current member, volunteer and program base.
Several key factors are bringing the environment back to the top of political, social and even cultural agendas for British Columbians and are shaping the future context in which the YNC will operate:

  • Recent
    compelling evidence of a disconnect between children and nature negatively impacting physical, social and mental well-being;
  • Scientific
    research demonstrating that many aspects of childhood
    development are enhanced by free time spent exploring nature;
  • A shift in government education and environment policy aligning more closely with YNC’s mission and objectives; and
  • A broad acceptance and increased understanding
    of interconnected environmental issues such as climate change, decreasing global biodiversity and increasing urbanization.
The YNC 2010-2015 Strategic Plan can be seen here

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