National Volunteer Week: Simon Briault – Board Member

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of NatureKids BC. This past year 187 enthusiastic volunteers contributed 8,165 hours to connect children and families with nature. Meet Simon Briault who’s one of our board directors and a co-editor of NatureWILD Magazine. Simon is a writer and communications specialist and all around nature lover.

What do you like best about volunteering with NatureKids? 
Most of what I see in the news about nature and the environment makes me sad and worried for the future. But volunteering for NatureKids gives me hope. If I can be even a small part of helping more children to develop a love for the natural world, then I feel like I’ve done some lasting good. I’m attracted to NatureKids in particular because I think we have a great foundation and so much potential to grow.

What has surprised you most about working with NatureKids? 
Just how much I’ve learned myself about nature. I’ve only been in BC 9 years so I feel like there’s a lot for me still to learn about the plants and animals that live here. I think parents would be surprised at how much they’ll learn by taking their kids to an Explorer Day.

What contribution to NatureKids BC are you most proud?
So far I feel like I’ve done lots of small things here and there (articles/editing for NatureWild and the Annual Report, work on the website, committee work etc.) rather than taking on huge projects. But really, so much of what we do as a board is a collective effort. I think we’re in a good place generally and I’m proud to have been a part of it.

What is your favorite local park or forest?
Lynn Canyon, which is just up the road from my place. There’s just never a bad time to go. If it’s raining, you’re under the trees most of the time so you don’t get too wet. If it’s hot and sunny, you can swim in the creek – I love swimming in cold water on a hot day. And if it’s snowing, well, who doesn’t love snow?

What’s your superpower, or what’s your spirit animal?
Maybe an eagle? Big wingspan (I have long dangly arms), a certain amount of vision and a sharp eye for detail ;).

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