National Volunteer Week: Jenni Stol, Club Leader

National Volunteer Week has been a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the impact of volunteering on NatureKids BC. Over the past few days we have profiled just a few of the wonderful volunteers who make us who we are, and today you will meet Jenni Stol, a biologist by profession and in her spare time a nature club leader for NatureKids Nelson.

What do you like best about volunteering with NatureKids?
That I can bring my kids! I’m happy to be fostering a love of nature in my own family, and sharing this with my community.  Plus our mentors are always such interesting people to meet and learn from.

What has surprised you most about working with us?
That you don’t need to be an “expert” to inspire kids, it’s the passion and enthusiasm that counts. So anyone with an interest in the natural world and a desire to share what they’ve learned can be a mentor for a day.

What contribution or achievement to NatureKids are you most proud?
Prior to my involvement in 2017, our local club had been inactive for several years. I am proud to have re-energized this club, grown our membership, and organized a bunch of fun events.

What is your favorite local park or green space?
There is a little beach on the Kootenay River near my home. This used to be a popular fishing spot back when the salmon swam freely here. Today it is a peaceful place where people walk their dogs, bring their kids to swim, go fishing or just relax. A trail leads from the beach through the forest, past big trees and all kinds of interesting plants and wildlife. My family and I have spent many days discovering its secrets.

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