Crows- how smart are they?

If you’ve ever seen a crow drop a nut onto a street so that a passing car can do the work of cracking it open, you’ll know crows are clever… but use tools? Remember faces? Check out this recent episode of the Nature of Things to discover some interesting research on these smart, feathered creatures.

Vancouver Sun Article: Crows recall faces of threatening humans, teach offspring: scientists

The Nature of Things with David Suzuki : CBC-TV
A Murder of Crows : The Nature of Things with David Suzuki : CBC-TV

Do you have any stories of your own about the intelligence of crows? Crow about them and send them in!

1 Reply to "Crows- how smart are they?"

  • Barbara
    30/10/2020 (11:26 am)

    Smart? Well everyday I go out front at work and there they are. They follow me down the lane to the seating area. Wow. Every time I go out now they love shreddies . Always picking up 4 and going away and coming back. Today they followed me from work across the street to the bus stop and sat atop the hydro pole until I got on the bus. Their a beautiful animal. Their huge here in NL. About twice the size of the.ones in Ontario .
    Its pretty interesting having 4 crows follow me daily.

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