Lower Mainland Home Learners

Volunteer leader: Wes Wong 
Club Email: LMHL@naturekidsbc.ca
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Upcoming Explorer Days  

Location: Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver
Nature Mentor: Darren Colello, Education Director at Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society

Darren will lead us on a nature walk through Lynn Canyon. Come enjoy the morning and learn more about the wildlife in the area!
Meet at Lynn Canyon park at the entrance to the ecology centre.

Past Explorer Days 

Earth Art (with Delta Home Learners)
Date: Monday, June 6
Time: 10am – noon
Mentor: Andrew Gibbs

In this two hour workshop, we will learn about how artists are pushing the boundaries of how art can be made by creating art in nature (also known as “Earthworks”). We will learn about how artists like Andy Goldsworthy collaborate with nature to create fascinating and beautiful sculptures using only the materials that they find at a specific natural location. Andrew will begin the workshop with a short artist talk and presentation on Andy Goldsworthy and then will support the students individually with all aspects of the creation of their sculptures. 


Location: Campbell Regional Park in Langley

More details to follow.


Location: Stanley Park, Vancouver

Time: 3:30-5:30

Nature Mentor: Liron Gertsman, Nature Photographer

Liron Gertsman is a multiple award-winning bird watcher and photographer. He will lead us on a walk through Stanley Park, and help us spot some of the birds living in the park. Check out our Facebook event here.

Meet at the end of Alberni Street in downtown Vancouver. There is an overlook there that looks over Lost Lagoon (see attached photo).

Location: Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver
Time: 2-4
Nature Mentors: Elaine and Areta, Lighthouse Park Preservation Society

Observe the first signs of spring on a nature walk through Lighthouse Park. Elaine and Areta are open to suggestions about other objectives for the day, so let us know if you have any requests. Facebook event coming soon. Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot of Lighthouse Park.

February 2nd, 2016
Location: Lower MacKay Pond, North Vancouver
Time: 1:30-3:30
Nature Mentors: Fiona and Paul, North Shore Wetland Partners Society

Celebrate world wetlands day by joining us on a wetland walk, and learning more about the wetlands! Bring your cameras, as we will have the opportunity to participate in a youth photo contest. RSVP on our Facebook event here.

Meet at the lower Mackay Conservation Pond at Lloyd Ave and 1st. We will walk to the estuary over the pedestrian bridge on Spirit Trail.

Sunday November 8th
9 AM
Invasive Species Removal at Hume Park in New Westminster

Evergreen Canada is hosting an Uncover Your Creeks program at Lower Hume Park in New Westminster. We shall meet at the picnic shelters at Lower Hume park. Dress for the weather and bring garden gloves if you have them. 

Tuesday October 13th
Amphibian Road Survey
For older club members 8 + years
7 pm, note evening time 

Deer Lake, Meet at the parking lot on Sperling, just south of Canada Way near Buckingham, where the Boat Rentals are 

Nature Mentor: Elke Wind, biologist/herpetologist

This is an opportunity for older club members to take part in Citizen Science. Other clubs have already done this kind of survey– now it’s our turn! Wearing proper safety vests, we will go out to count all the amphibians we find on the road, in the dark. We may even hope for rain (“the wetter the better” for amphibians). Great fun!

Sunday Sept. 20th, 2015
Shoreline Cleanup 
11:30 am 
South Dyke Road Riverfront, New Westminster (see below)

We will
be taking part in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup to help clean up
the South
Dyke Road Riverfront in New Westminster. This event is organized by the
New Westminster Environmental Partners. Remember to wear good
footwear for mucking about as the long term forecast looks wet. All materials will be provided by LM Home Learners NatureKids – just bring your enthusiasm to help keep nature clean!

April 18th, 2015

10:45 AM – 12:30 PM
Cottonwood Community Garden
Compost Magic

We will visit the Cottonwood Community Garden as part of the the Wild About Vancouver festival and tour the garden and its compost heaps.

Wed. February 18th, 2015
10 AM
Queen’s Park, New Westminster
I will be leading a geocaching hunt in Queens Park, showing the kids how to make use of a GPS/compass in order to hunt for the caches in the Park. 

November 9th, 2014

10 AM
Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC
Wings and Feathers program 
We will meet outside the Museum. It should be a fascinating program, all about birds. The
museum has a wonderful collection of of bird materials which we will
explore in this program, guided by a Beaty Museum staff member.

October 18th. 2014

10 AM – 12 PM  
Rice Lake, North Vancouver  
Banana Slugs! 
Jennifer Callaghan. Cohosted with Vancouver NatureKids Club
Have you ever met an
animal with 27,000 teeth, but only one foot?  One that can see and smell,
without eyes or a nose?  Come meet a slimy celebrity of the Pacific West
Coast.  Check out it’s interesting body features, find out what it eats
and how it reproduces, learn how it is an important member of our forests, and
discover the many uses of slime!

Saturday, April 26th 
11 AM to 1 PM
Ambleside Park
North Shore Wetland Partners; Paul Berlinguette
We will visit a little known
park along  SWAY’ WEY CREEK near the
Ambleside Youth Center. The beavers did amazing transformation to this area.
There is a beaver lodge and we may see the beavers and possibly turtles on a
sunny day. (The forecast is good!) This is a very rich area where we could
study the insects and fish, plants and trees along the stream and beach, where
the air is filled with birdsongs. We will also find out how interesting is the
history, heritage and culture of this area.

There is a shelter on the South side of the railway
tracks near the sports fields where we could have lunch and talk about the
findings of the day. The NS Wetland Partners will have arts supply for those of
you who are artistically inclined and wish to draw the interesting sights we
saw on our walk. – The Youth Centre may be open for us too.

Thursday, March 13, 2014 
Killarney Community Center
Meet and Greet with your new Volunteer Leader!

We will head south to get to the beautiful Everett Park, with a pond, wonderful trails, and full of birds, rodents squirrels, etc. Along the way we will look for early Spring signs and collect items for a guessing game.

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