Let’s Go RockHounding!

In the latest Issue of NatureWILD we promised more on RockHounding by David Cook 

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Tools you will need to get before you start
Hammer: geologist’s pick with a chisel point or a mason’s hammer
                 (not a regular claw hammer)
Cold chisels: 1/2 inch and 1 inch size
Very Important: Safety glasses: Goggle-type are best, but some plastic sunglasses can double as safety glasses. Hammered rocks can give off sharp chips which can cause serious damage to the eyes.
Hand lens or loupe (16 power): Can be carried on a string around the neck. A loupe is invaluable for looking at details; particularly the minerals that make up all rocks or the fossils that are preserved in some sedimentary rocks. 
On the day
Appropriate clothing, rain gear and sturdy tie-up shoes or boots with good tread.

Permission: Before you begin, you should ask permission to hunt rocks on land that you do not own.
Day pack: to carry tools, specimens, lunch and water. (Don’t forget the water!!!)
First aid kit: the same kit as you would carry for an extended hike.
Mineral and rock identification kit.
Bags of tough plastic or Ziploc bags: to hold samples.
Newspaper: to wrap samples. Fragile samples can be wrapped in toilet paper or paper towels and small samples can be stored in egg cartons. Bubble wrap for large delicate samples and toilet paper for small delicate samples.
Marking pen: for numbering your sample. The number should appear against your description in your notebook.
Pencils & journal or notebook:  to record the location of your sample.
Sample #1 – Location                  Sample #2 – Location                          Sample #3 – Location
Observations:                                 Observations:                                    Observations:
Remember to mark the number on the rock too!

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