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 Katelyn Kutzner
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Meet your volunteer leader Kate!

After living on a rural farm all my life, moving to Kelowna for university was a big change.  I began volunteering with NatureKids to get outside and into nature more, and because I love having fun!  I have a degree in Biology and Secondary Education. However, I don’t want to teach in a school where I am indoors all day.  I currently work at the Allan Brooks Nature Centre as the Assistant Education Coordinator, but I hope to one day open a science center here in Kelowna.  

Presently seeking additional volunteer co-leader. Click here for more information. 


Sunday afternoon meeting times mean your child can still play on local sports teams, be involved in after-school activities, and attend religious functions. Please RSVP.

February 5th
​Nordic Center

Please RSVP by email!

Our next Explorer Day is the annual snowshoeing trip at the Nordic Center! Our wonderful guest leader, Rick Gee, will take us out on the trails to learn about trees, snow safety, orienteering and all sorts of other things. Some years we have even seen lynx tracks! Please bring a lunch, water, appropriate snow gear, and your camera.
**Use of the trails by our club is by donation. This year each family is responsible for making their own donation.**

Snowshoes can be rented from Sports Rent in Kelowna for a very affordable price, and they have lots of kids’ sizes. There are other locations in Kelowna to rent from as well. Bring a friend or two! Guest passes are available to print from our club website and you can bring as many as you want.

Please be at the Nordic Center for a 10AM start time.  We cannot ensure that those who are tardy will be able to join us on the adventure but you can still use the trails and have your own!


January 22nd
Tracks and Trails
Where: Winfield Habitat Preserve, Bottom Wood Lake Rd
What to Bring: Warm clothes, water/snack if desired, camera

We will be exploring the park, searching and identifying tracks of animals and people. We will learn how to tell an animal’s direction, speed, and species from its prints. Then we will make a bunch of tracks of our own!

December 11th  [Cancelled; Sorry!]
Christmas is all about TREES!
EECO Center, Mission Creek Park

This year’s holiday crafts will be all about TREES. We will look at the parts of a tree, what makes a plant a tree, and what trees do in nature. We will be making degradable, nature-friendly ornaments for you to decorate a tree in your back yard or neighborhood.

There will also be a snack potluck with nibble and cookies to share around, and hot chocolate too!

November 20th
Munson Pond Park

We will be exploring the park and collecting materials to create “flat sculptures” of animals and people. We will then give them speech bubbles and photograph them to put up on our website and Facebook for everyone to see!

October 16th
Hike and Swim?
Kalamoir Regional Park

Let’s hike up the hills at this lakeside park and, if the weather is warm enough, go for a dip/wade afterwards! Bring good shoes for the walk, and a bathing suit/towel just in case.

September 24-25
NatureKids Go Underground!
Camp Arbuckle, Winfield

Our annual camping trip, this year combined with the North Okanagan NatureKids Club! Out theme is “Underground Mysteries” and we will learn about all things below the surface of the earth: burrowing animals, roots and fungi, and soil bacteria!

Camp Silver Lake has indoor, shared cabins that house 12-13 people each, and a kitchen facility. There are showers, and toilets. We are also able to use their basetball court, indoor classroom, and canoes!

August 14th 

Alkaline Wetlands and other Extreme Environments
Kathleen Lake, Knox Mountain Park
Some organisms can live in places that humans could not, and they are called extremophiles.
Kathleen lake is a salt marsh, where the water has high concentrations of chemicals. Yet plants and animals live and thrive there, so how? And why?
This location is possible to drive up to using the park access road. There is no parking lot close though, so we will be pulling on to the side of the road.
If enough people RSVP then we will leave some cars at the closest lot and carpool up.

​Bring water and a snack, and wear sunscreen!

August 21st (#2)
Hiking Trip
Bear Creek Park, West Kelowna

A simple, fun hiking trip for you to enjoy. We will go earlier in the day to avoid the heat.
​Bring your binoculars and magnifying glasses so we can look at all the interesting things we may see on the trail.

July 24th 

Bones and Muscles: Animal Adaptations
Mill Creek Park
Animals are all so different; from winged birds to glowing fish, every organism has something about it that is unique and helps it to survive.
By learning about adaptations we can also know more about animals that aren’t around anymore simply by looking at their bodies.
This explorer day will be a code-breaking scavenger hunt along the trail, finishing with a snack and break at the third waterfall.

July 10th 
1 – 3PM

Volcanoes and the Rock Cycle
Eain Lamont Park, West Kelowna
Did you know that Mount Boucherie is a dormant volcano?
We will learn about how rocks are made and how the earth develops. We will also hike up the mountain and see what kinds of rocks we can find. Remember: you can only take home what YOU can carry so pick wisely!

June 5th 

Weeds, Wetlands, and Work
KLO Middle School
For the last few years teacher Michelle Hamilton has been working to restore a section of creek that runs through the school grounds. This was in response to discovering painted turtle nests in the school’s long jump pits. The restored wetland area is now in its final stages of construction and looks beautiful. We will be learning about how to build and maintain wetlands, as well as pulling some weeds in the turtle nesting area at a time when there are no eggs.

May 8th

What is “Cold Blooded”?
​Lost Lake, Myra-Bellevue Park
Reptiles and amphibians are said to be COLD BLOODED, but what does that mean? Is their blood really cold? We will hike to Lost Lake and find some reptiles and amphibians in order to learn more about how their bodies work and what makes them so unique. Bring boots and a snack, I’ll bring the nets.

April 17th

Rare Plants of the Okanagan
​Angel Springs Interpretive Trail
1-3 PM
We will go for a hike and learn about plants that aren’t very common. This trail grows many fairy slippers, which aren’t endangered but are a special sight.

Bring cameras and good walking shoes as the beginning of the trail is steeper. The trail may also be wet, so be prepared to possibly get muddy!

February 21st, 2016

Trees and Tracks
10 AM – 1 PM
Nordic Center (just past Big White on Hwy 33)

Snowshoeing with Nature Mentor Rick Gee and a wiener roast. Rick Gee has again offered to donate his time and take us on an adventure around the Nordic Center. We will be learning about tracks and trees and maybe even some winter survival tips.Bring a snack or treat to share! Please bring a small donation if you can to put in the box as a thank you for letting us visit.

March 6th
Microscopic Mysteries
1-3 PM 

Location: EECO in Mission Creek Park

We will use a microscope to explore very tiny things. We’ll talk about what makes us sick, as well as helpful bacteria. Parasites, viruses, germs and more!
We will also look at some pond water under the microscope to see if we can spot anything alive.

Snowy Walk in the Park

Sunday, Jan 10th 1-3 PM
Enterprise Park

This park is small, but the trails follow along Mill Creek. The entrance road is next to the Shaw building, behind Home Depot. It may be very cold, so please dress warmly. If it is extremely cold we will not stay out for the full two hours.

December 6th, 1-3 PM
Christmas Crafts
EECO Center Basement, Mission Creek Park 

This year’s theme is BIRDS! They migrate away in the winter, but where do they go? Some stay here and brave the snow; how do they do it?  We will do bird crafts and make feeders to take home for the non-migratory birds, followed by a short walk in the park.

This is also a bit of a pot-luck so bring a small snack or treat to share with 5-10 people. I’ll bring the hot chocolate!
What to Bring: clothes appropriate for the weather, goodies to share (optional), the name of your favorite migratory bird. It is very important that you RSVP for this event as there will be a special surprise!

Sunday November 15th

Gellatly Nut Farm
1-3 PM
2375 Whitworth Rd, West Kelowna
Please RSVP

We will learn about the importance of nuts and seeds to our local ecosystems. Pat Westheuser will be facilitating the walk. Please wear warm clothes appropriate for the weather

October 25th
Woodhaven Bird Sanctuary
1-3 PM
We will be giving the flyers we created at camp out to the houses in neighborhood surrounding the conservancy. We will then go for a walk on the trail around the park to see how many different species of birds we can see.

September 19-20th
NatureKids Get Bugged Out!
Camp Arbuckle, Carrs Landing Rd

This overnight adventure will be all about BUGS!
What is the difference between insects and bugs? Why do spiders have more legs? What are antennae for? How do butterflies make cocoons?
All these questions and more will be explored through a combination of games, crafts, activities and discussions.
We are also right on the lake so bring a swimsuit! This event has a small cost to participate; $20 per person covers accommodations and three meals.

August 23rd 2015
Natural Sculpture Art
Kaloya Regional Park, 1-3 PM

We will explore the park, looking for interesting shapes in natural materials. Whether is driftwood from the lake or a rock on the path, natural objects can have beautiful shapes in them, In the gazebo we will use these materials to create unique sculptures. Possibly lead by local sculpture artist as well as myself. This event will also be in partnership with Get to Know, so participants are encouraged to take photos of their sculptures to submit to the art contest. There are some fantastic prizes to be won!

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