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We want to support educators like you in your efforts to incorporate place-based learning into the classroom and nature into the school community, and as a new initiative we now offer a complimentary digital subscription to our quarterly NatureWILD  magazine and other resources for educators.

This is what you will receive for free when you register below:

  • NatureWILD: The only magazine written about BC wildlife and ecosystems for elementary-aged youth. Each issue features fun and informative articles written by top BC naturalists and biologists, stories about children taking action for the environment, an easy-to-read story, and much more.
  • NatureKids e-newsletters: Delivered to your inbox, full of seasonal activity and teaching ideas, resources, grant alerts and more.
  • Teaching resources:  Resources like our Life in the Leaf Litter ID card.

Want to receive the hard copy magazine? We know that many educators and students really value the hard copy version of NatureWILD magazine. With a $50 Teacher Subscription, you get two paper copies of NatureWILD magazine mailed to your home or school four times a year (unlimited digital downloads), you get four Backyard Safari Bird ID cards for your region and you’ll receive our special-newsletter for teachers which is chock-full of nature news, activities to try out with your students, grant opportunities, citizen science opportunities, and much more.

If you just want a single paper copy of the magazine, go with our regular annual subscription. With this you will receive four issues mailed to your school with an option to order more ($12/year per extra copy – four per year).

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