Humpback Comeback!

Jackie Hildering – North Vancouver Island YNC Leader needs your help!
Project Summary: The Humpback Comeback Project: Help a Community By Protecting Its Threatened Wildlife
Humpback whales, once hunted to the brink of extinction, are starting to
make a comeback around Northern Vancouver Island. However, our 7-year
volunteer research effort indicates that the threat of entanglement is
affecting humpback whales both locally and throughout British Columbia.
Help us conduct further research and increase awareness about this
threat, to protect the future of these awe-inspiring giants that have
become an integral part of the economy, ecology, and culture of our

You can help decide if this project gets funded!

Vote at and you will help increase the chance of the Humpback Comeback Project winning a $25,000 research grant from Aviva and help bring back the humpbacks!

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