Happy National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week starts today and we are grateful for all volunteers that help us get kids and their families outdoors to explore nature.

Last year, 75 volunteers contributed more than 8,200 hours of their time to the organization – and that doesn’t even include the many generous nature mentors who help deliver most of the Explorer Day adventures around the province.

Meet Barbara Kacas who has helped us with marketing and outreach events over the past year. Barbara is a marketing and communications professional who brings her years of experience and her love of nature to our designs and marketing materials.  We asked Barbara a few questions about her volunteer experience.

What do you like best about volunteering with NatureKids?
The greatest thing is that I can help as a volunteer but also I can learn a lot about nature with all the organization’s activities.

What has surprised you most about working with NatureKids? 
What has surprised me most is the excitement kids have in learning about nature. It is great to see their eyes shining when looking for different birds in a park or touching a real nest.3)

What contribution or achievement to NatureKids are you most proud?
I am really happy that I could create a new visual identity for the marketing materials and now NatureKids BC is using it for many purposes (banners, sheets, posters, flyers, folders etc). It’s always important to have a nice design material that expresses the brand identity and it helps the organization to show what we are doing in a nice way.

What is your favourite local park? 
I love to go to Stanley Park. Walking and riding through the seawall gives you the best view of the city while you can still feel the nature. I’ve seen thousands of birds, ducks, racoons, and other animals while walking there.

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