Explorer Day Highlight #1 – Slimy Slugs

Each week from now until Earth Day (April 22nd)
YNC will be highlighting an Explorer Day enjoyed by YNC Members throughout the
last year. Check back to see the wide variety of outdoor nature adventures
enjoyed by BC’s young naturalists!

YNC members getting up close to nature!

In October 2014 the Lower Mainland Home Learners and Vancouver Young Naturalist Clubs met up with their leaders and Nature Mentor, Jennifer Callaghan (director of Aether Environmental Education) to investigate a local animal with 27,000 teeth, only one foot, and no eyes or nose. It’s the Banana Slug! They inspected what it eats, discussed how it reproduces, and learned what an important member of the forest it is. They even found out the many uses for slug slime such as for medicine or in cosmetics.

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