Calling all NatureKids Superstars!

  • Are you one of our many incredible NatureKids Explorers?
  • Would you like to tell the world about the difference being part of NatureKids BC has made for you?
  • Has your view of nature and the outdoors changed since joining NatureKids BC?
  • Do you care about our planet and want to do more to protect it while having fun?
  • Would you like to help us reach out to people and groups who can make donations so we can offer more awesome, exciting adventures to you and your NatureKids BC friends?
  • Are you comfortable in front of the camera for photos and video and have a few hours to spare over the next few months?
  • Would your parents agree to your story being profiled across this spectacular province through a fundraising letter, as well as local and social media?

Then we would love to hear from you! NatureKids BC is embarking on our Annual Appeal this fall. This fundraising activity helps us reach out to our many friends and asks them to support us by making a contribution to our organization. Without support from funders, we wouldn’t be able to have as many outdoor adventures as we do. Every little gift makes a difference, and the more people who give, the bigger that difference will be. It’s important that our friends and funders (organizations who currently or may give to us) understand about the incredible impact activities like Explorer Days and Citizen Science outings can have on our most important people, members like you. Nothing gets people more excited than hearing a story that illustrates the awesome work we do, and we know there are more than a few of those stories out there!

If you are excited about the opportunity to be a NatureKids advocate and want to share your perspective, please tell us briefly (200 words max) why you are a proud NatureKids BC Explorer! Email your brief story to Angie Hughes, Development Specialist at, no later than September 15. Thanks for your time!

Image credit: L. Bol

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