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Bird Aware Cat Care

Citizen science – which is crowdsourcing of conservation data by the general public – is becoming increasingly popular, and has been shown to be an effective way to help youth learn about the environment, have a conservation impact and connect them to their community – all while being outdoors.

Canada’s bird populations are in trouble; some species have declined by more than 90%. These declines are mainly due to habitat destruction and climate change, and it’s estimated that cats cause approximately 200 million bird deaths each year. With the help of our members, we’re trying to understand what some of the barriers are for keeping cats indoors and how feasible it is to use alternative strategies to reduce the risk of bird predation of free-roaming cats.

In 2016, NatureKids BC launched the two-year long initiative: Bird Aware Cat Care: Youth Citizen Scientists Protect Birds and Keep Cats Safe in BC. It’s part of a national effort led by Nature Canada called “Keep Cats Safe & Save Bird Lives” of which NatureKids BC is an official partner.

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This project was undertaken with the support of the Government of Canada, the Vancouver Foundation, the Gosling Foundation and HCTF.

NatureHood in partnership with Nature Canada

NatureHood is a program of Nature Canada. Its goal is to connect people of all ages to nature right where they live. As one of the provincial partners of the program, NatureKids BC helps make nature accessible and helps remove barriers to participation through a number of activities. Our areas of focus for this project are the Lower Mainland and the Capital Regional District.

One of our key contributions to the NatureHood project is through our annual program of Explorer Days activities provided locally by our network of nature clubs. We also provide educational resources – including NatureWILD and the accompanying Curriculum Connections – to elementary schools across the project area, and by coordinating access to resources (including NatureWILD, posters and multilingual Bird ID cards) to new immigrant families through immigrant settlement organizations we help young new Canadians and their families connect to nature where they live.