Nature clubs

NatureKids BC helps children get outdoors to explore, play, learn about and take action for nature. We are a province-wide network of volunteer-led nature clubs for children ages 5-12 and their families. Join the club and come explore with us!

Learn more about our core programs below:

Explorer Days

Explorer Days are outings organized by your local club leader where you’ll discover nature near you and meet other people interested in the outdoors. Most clubs have Explorer Days once a month.

Passport to Nature

When you become a NatureKids BC Member, each child in your family is given a Passport to record their nature outings. Every time they complete a passport (attend 6 nature-themed events), send it to the NatureKids Office to receive a certificate, a prize, and a new passport. Exploring outdoors has never been more fun!

Action Awards

Action Awards are your family’s chance to step up for nature. Study and protect nature in numerous creative and fun ways through different mediums and earn rewards for doing so.