What we do

Personal connections with the natural world are powerful. These connections are critical to our health and social well-being, and time in nature has been shown to  make children happier, healthier and smarter.  Despite all the positive evidence,  we live in a time where kids spend less and less time in nature.

We are passionate about making nature accessible to as many children and families in British Columbia as possible. With the help of our volunteers, nature mentors and donors, we introduce kids ages 5-12 and their families to the great outdoors through our network of nature clubs as well as our Passport to Nature and Action Awards.

Explorer Days: We are a province-wide network of volunteer-led nature clubs for children ages 5-12 and their families. Explorer Days are outings organized by your local club leader where you’ll discover nature near you and meet other people interested in the outdoors. Most clubs have Explorer Days once a month.  In 2017, we offered more than 200 Explorer Days to our members.

NatureWILD Magazine: BC’s only home grown nature magazine for children, NatureWILD is produced by NatureKidsBC with contributions from some of BC’s leading naturalists and biologists. In it you will find fascinating articles on BC’s wildlife and ecosystems, stories about children  taking action for the environment, along with activities, games and contests!

Passport to Nature: When you become a NatureKids BC Member, each child in your family is given a Passport to record their nature outings. Every time they complete a passport (attend 6 nature-themed events), send it to the NatureKids Office to receive a certificate, a prize, and a new passport. Exploring outdoors has never been more fun!

Action Awards Quest: Action Awards are your family’s chance to step up for nature. Study and protect nature in numerous creative and fun ways through different mediums and earn rewards along the way.

Stewardship and Citizen Science Projects: taking care of our natural world, improving or enhancing our local habitats and being part collecting conservation data are pillars of NatureKids BC and they are effective ways to help everyone learn about the environment, have a conservation impact and connect to their community – all while being outdoors.