2018 Members Survey: Summary of Results

Member Survey – Top Tips for Leaders

Throughout July 2018 we conducted a Membership Survey to find out which areas we are doing well in and which areas could use improvement.  We were thrilled that 123 families filled in the survey. This is a 32% response rate – which is really very good. We were happy to receive at least 2 responses from each active club, so everyone is represented. and we also received at least 2 responses from each active club, so everyone is represented.  We thought it would be helpful to share some of the most relevant feedback with you, in order to guide your planning and implementing of successful Explorer Days for your member families.

  • First of all, let’s take a moment to congratulate ourselves and each other. More than 80% of NatureKids members are satisfied or very satisfied with their experience. 96% would recommend NatureKids BC to a friend. That’s fantastic – and thank you for all that you’ve done to contribute to those great stats.
  • 34% of members attended 4 or more Explorer Days this past year. The same number attended 2 or 3. 15% of members attended none. The #1 reason that families did not attend Explorer Days is that they didn’t fit in their schedule.
  • We asked members how we could improve Explorer Days – and most responded that the events themselves are great the way they are. The biggest issue for families seems to revolve around time and scheduling. They would like Explorer Days to be scheduled on consistent days each month and to receive plenty of notice so they can plan ahead.
  • Age is something that came up consistently in recommendations – with a desire for “younger” and “older” groups so that activities are appropriate and enjoyable for each.
  • What do we offer that is most important to our members? To summarize: Learning about nature with their families, from knowledgeable people, in the outdoors. Least important? Things that do not involve being outdoors.
  • And our communication? It was great to discover that 90% of our members feel that they receive the right amount of communication from NatureKids BC. They most value the email communication from their club leaders. Suggestions for improvements? Receiving more advance notice of events and posting event dates/info more consistently on the website calendar. (Such do-able improvements!)
  • We also asked our members for one thing we could do to make NatureKids BC a more outstanding organization – and I am SO happy report that most said, “Nothing!”. ☺ For those who did offer suggestions, we have a treasure trove of ideas to work from in the months and years ahead!