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We run approximately 20+ nature clubs throughout British Columbia. Typically, Family Clubs hold Explorer Days on weekdays, while Home Learner Clubs hold their Explorer Days during the week. Find a Family or Home Learner Club near you:
Lower Mainland
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School & Organizational Members

School Members are elementary schools that pay a $45 membership fee for a variety of perks including copies of NatureWILD, access to a wide network of students, teachers, and parents who believe in the importance of connecting children with nature, and more! School members may or may not choose to hold their own Explorer Days, but cannot participate in NatureKids BC programs like Action Awards or Passport to Nature. Interested in becoming a school member? Sign up today! Organizational members are non-school groups that do not run Explorer Days or participate in NatureKids programs, but may order multiple copies of NatureWILD for their visitors or members. View this map in fullscreen.