Action Awards Program

Through our Action Awards you’ll find many different, interesting ways to study and protect nature while you earn points towards great prizes. Some of these Actions will be in NatureWILD but if you want to take part in the full Awards program, you can download the full guide here.

Begin with the bronze level activity guide and climb your way up to the silver and gold awards. Each time you complete a level, you will receive a certificate, a pin, and be featured in NatureWILD magazine.

There are four types of activities:

  1. Nature Detective: Study, experiment, or research the natural world and report on what you have found out and how you did your work.
  2. Environmental Action: Protect, conserve, preserve, or restore a part of the natural environment around you, directly or indirectly.
  3. Leadership: Share nature and environmental actions with your friends, family, school, or community at large by giving a presentation, meeting with your local member of Parliament or making a poster.
  4. Community Participation: Take part in a nature related field trip, program, or community event. (This is where you use your Passport to Nature. Remember to get it signed off by the leader of the event).