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What are Fairy Rings?

A fairy ring in a lawn- the ring measures 7 feet across! 
photo by David Gough
In spite of the name, Fairy Rings have nothing to do with fairies, but everything to do with fungi.  

Sometimes, on a lawn, field, or in the woods, you’ll come upon a circle of mushrooms – a ‘fairy ring’.  But where did the name fairy ring come from?  You can trace it back to ancient folklore:

“The name fairy ring comes from an old folk tale.  People once believed that mushrooms growing in a circle followed the path made by fairies dancing in a ring . . .”
 Celtic peoples believed if you wanted to enter a ring, that you must first run around it nine times – not ten, or you’ll annoy the fairies!

Victoria NatureKids present Mural to City Council

On Thursday September 10th, our own Victoria NatureKids club will present their "A Healthy Environment Is Our Right" mural to Victoria's Mayor Helps and City Councillors. 

The mural was the result of member's hard work at their "Taking Action for the Earth" Explorer Day held back in April, celebrating Earth Day and Blue Dot Day of Action - excellent work everyone!

Welcome Delta Home Learners' Club

NatureKids BC is very pleased to welcome a new club to the almost 50 around the province--NatureKids Delta Home Learners! To learn more about the benefits of membership or to join the NatureKids Delta Home Learners. Check out what Delta HL Club has planned for fall at their club page.

YNC has a new name.... NatureKids!

Proposed and selected by members, our new name NatureKids is now live. Please note our website, Facebook, staff and club email addresses, membership info, guest passes, and forms will change over the next while - but nothing YNC-branded will become invalid, so don't worry!

The change over will be complete by September. Happy exploring, Nature Kids!